Awards 2014-2015

lip dub

Educational Assistant Sandy Anderson teaches Conan how to pound poi. Conan is holding a poi pounder, a family heirloom belonging to Ms. Sandy's great-great grandparents. Some of the taro used came from the school's Malama Garden.

Seventh grader Ben Azelart has been a competitive skateboarder for the past 4 years. He spent a year filming his video and has competed in the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii (ASH) and King of the Groms contests. Ben won 2nd place overall and other contests. He is sponsored by DVS Shoes, T&C, Predator Helmet, and Immortal Shoelace.

Check out 7th grader Ben Azelart's skateboarding video.

Castle Foundation Grant - May 14, 2015

This year the band decided to apply for the Castle Foundation Grant, a youth-driven leadership project. This endeavor has taken the entire school year, as it had three phases, each led by the band's student officers.

1. Brainstorming, the application process, grant writing & acceptance.

2. Recruiting and executing 500 hours of community service.

3. Documenting the final report by scripting and producing a YouTube video.

The final outcomes: an appreciation for native Hawaiian plants vs invasive species in the Windward community, strengthened friendships, and the feeling of success in accomplishing their goals and raising $5,000 for the KIS Band program.

Congratulations! And thank you to all the band's supporters.

band project

The KIS band students cleaned up Kawainui Marsh and earned a $5,000 grant from the Castle Foundation. See their video!

field trip

Aspiring marine biologists boated over to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), locally known as Coconut Island. Students participated in commonly used research techniques to investigate physical and biological oceanographic characteristics of Kaneohe Bay. Lunch on the beachhouse balcony overlooking the man-made pool where the show Gilligan's Island was once filmed.

Kaulike shows off the carrots he grew in the school garden.

council candidates

Student Council and Council Candidates:

Back Row: John Gainey, Malia Goodwin, Olivia Hacking, Tyrone Francis, Jr., Marissa LeVine, Izzy Reyes, Keani Yamamoto, Madison Maronde

Front Row: Amber Kamaka, Tanayah Bush, Re'Anna Johnson, Tia Vernon, Zoe Carmack, Evan Johnson, Macy Carroll, Denton Allard, Isabella Hartline

Missing in photo: Cody Tanaka

Students present and try out prosthetic arms they created using the engineering design process in the Boys and Girls Club after school program.

water filtration lesson
citizen poster

Students in Ms. Tangaro's class learned how to use a water filtration system led by engineer Edwin Colón from the University of Hawaii at Manoa's STEM Pre-Academy.

Citizenship Poster


Students from Mr. Kagami's aquaponics action period class shows off a growbed filled with Manoa and romaine lettuce soon to be harvested.

In these aquaponic mini ecosystems, fish waste provides a natural fertilizer for the vegetables, while the plants filter out the water for the fish.

guest speaker

Students sampled scrumptious foods from around the Spanish-speaking world. Ms. Tangaro's students tasted taquitos de Mexico, watermelon-lime juice, quesillo de Venezuela, empanadas de Peru y Colombia y mucho mas!!!!

Students on the Navigators Team were treated to a special guest lecture from legendary surfer Tom "Pohaku" Stone. As part of the Renaissance Project, Kumu Stone shared how he had helped to preserve He'e Holua (Hawaiian Sledding) and He'e Nalu (Surfing). A KIS alumni, his inspirational story really connected with the students!

earth day

Eight teams competed in a Surfrider Madness 5 on 5 basketball tournament at lunch. Playoffs are next week Thursday, March 30, and Friday, April 1.


AVID and Navigator students learned about Marine Debris and how they can help to become a solution not a problem. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii's education specialist also prepared the students to volunteer at the Earth Day Clean-up of Kailua Beach: Boat ramps to Castles, this Saturday from 9:30-12:00pm. All are encouraged to join the students!!

Seventh graders Savannah Stafford and Calah Thompson practice water color techniques in Introduction to Art.


Students in Mr. Howe's Engineering class are learning coding by completing modules on

Maleah Marcus, Grade 7, points out all of the coding modules she has completed successfully on the website in the Engineering class.


Keani and Kamalei share the baby beanies they are knitting in Ms. Evans' Family and Consumer Science class. The baby beanies will be donated to Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children for a community service project.

Gracie is sewing a pot holder.


A student in Mrs. Hirota's class shares her project

with friends.

We bid aloha to teacher Nicole Dranay, who will be

moving to Texas with her husband this week.

face masks
7th grade award ceremony

Ms. Román's culinary class applied Greek yogurt, honey, oatmeal, and coffee grounds to their lovely faces.

Vice Principal Ms. Craig hands out honor roll award certificates at the 7th Grade Award Ceremony to over 300 seventh and eighth graders who achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher during the third quarter.

orientation night

Mr. Rod sets a good example by wearing

a helmet when he rides his bike.

KIS student leaders answer questions at a parent night for incoming sixth graders and their parents.

parade of bands

Parade of Bands (AB) - April 11, 2015

The Advanced Band represented KIS well at this year's event held at the Pearl City Cultural Center. Many hours of rehearsing paid off as the band performed wonderfully and received strong marks from the adjudicators. After the performance, one of the judges even gave the band some tips on ways to improve.

Hakipuu Stream Service Project - March 28, 2015

Once again, dozens of volunteers from the KIS Band Ohana helped Hui o Ko'olaupoko remove invasive plants and reforest the stream banks with native vegetation in Hakipuu Valley at Kualoa. This service project will help fulfill the band's Castle Foundation grant requirements.


St. John Vianney band students played alongside Kailua Intermediate's beginning band on Friday night as the two programs participated in a friendly exchange. KIS band director is conducting.

band at mall

Kailua Intermediate's Advanced Band peformed a Spring Concert at Windward Mall on March 13.

Students from Mrs. Walton's class used Oreo cookies and sprinkles to demonstrate their knowledge of mitosis models.

field trip

Students in the Best Buddies program paint a bench together.

On February 26, 2015, the Navigators Team visited Ulupo Heiau where they participated in Hawaiian cultural protocol, learned about the history of Kailua and gave back to their community by working in the lo'i, streams and surrounding trails.

lei making

Ms. Iijima's PEP Action Period, Teen Health, and study hall students created handmade Christmas cards for Addie, a terminally ill 6-year-old girl.

PEP Action Period students are busy making yarn lei to welcome 2015-16 seventh graders.

food drive

PEP Action Period students collected 130 pounds of food for the Thanksgiving Food Drive.

PEP Action Period, Teen Health, and Student Government students enthusiastically greet incoming 6th graders from over nine elementary schools who will be entering KIS next school year during a campus tour and assembly.


Ms. Iijima's PEP Action Period students created individualized folders for their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

PEP Action Period students are busy making cards for Valentine's Day Sales

field trip

Ryan Drinen, Kaidin Lapke, Eliza Otenbriet, Jayda Santana, and Zoe Chisholm taught a common core math problem to the hosts on the set of Hawaii News Now Morning Sunrise. See attached link for clip of the segment.

During Spring Break, the Blue Team experienced a Board of Water Supply tour of Waihe'e Watershed and Tunnel. Tour information included a brief introduction to O'ahu's water cycle, the importance of watershed areas to the island's water supply, and the history and purpose of Waihe'e Tunnel.

band disney
field trip

The KIS Band performed at Disneyland in Anaheim, California during spring break. More Photos

Board of Water Supply tour of

Waihe'e Watershed and Tunnel field trip.

culture day
culture day

KIS Culture Day included face painting from New Zealand, ribbon dancing to represent the Olympics opening ceremonies, jewelry making from Africa, and African dancers.

Culture Day Activities

culture day
culture day

Culture Day Activities

Culture Day Activities


The students in Mr Kagami's Aquaponics class helped Mrs. Rosen start an experiment to compare the growth of lettuce grown in the Malama Garden and in the Aquaponics system.

Working with Aquaponics

sort it out

Sort it Out assembly in which students learned to sort their trash and reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Thielen's roadshow

Students in Ms. Ringuette's period 5, 6, and 7 classes learned how a bill becomes law and presented positions as they participated in Representative Cynthia Thielen's Legislative Roadshow with the representative and her staff.

Thank You Letter - by an anonymous student

Mrs. Pillon’s students gathered around a giant Hawaiian star compass and learned about celestial navigation and how our seasons, tilt, latitude, and weather affect navigation from the Hokule'a crew members, Brad Wong and Kaleo Wong.

got toast?

AVID students have been promoting the school dress code by passing out toast with jelly to peers carrying school IDs and binders.

GOT TOAST?? AVID students participated in a student-created, student-led service project encouraging their classmates to be in proper dress code with their ID and AVID Binder. Students who showed Jr. Surfrider pride and AVID qualities were awarded with... TOAST! #AVID #servicelearning #welovetoast


Our first papaya from the Malama Garden.


Military friends helped with heavy pruning

to let more light into the Malama garden.


Students in Mr. Carbone's class show their banana harvest.

Ms. Bayne's students jointed military friends to prune the Malama Garden.

board of water group

Mahalo to Kalaheo's Baseball team, parents, and coaches for painting the Kailua Intermediate PE classroom exteriors and the bleachers and for helping to trash some heavy items that were laying around the campus.

Board of Water Supply Presentation on February 11, 2015

The critical issue of fresh water conservation, management practices, sustainability, and watershed protection is important, especially living on an island. Mr. Arthur Aiu, Board of Water Supply community relations specialist, spoke to seventh grade social studies classes. He shared information on how early Hawaiians viewed wai (fresh water), the history of our island's water management, and provided details on how we access the wai from our island. Further information can be found at .

talent show

Talent Show Winners

1st Place* - Kiara Peterson

2nd Place* - Mikki Jahnke

3nd Place - Reyn Matsukawa

Kiara Peterson is not able to move on to the "Brown Bags to Stardom" competition, so Mikki Jahnke will represent KIS at the Blaisdell Center/Pikake Showroom on Saturday, April 25.


Shannon Nakata, choreographer for The Paliku Academy of Performing Arts and

Streetlight Cadence band members Jonathon Franklin, Brian Webb, Chaz Umamoto, and Jesse Shiroma.

You can check out their band here --

Kiara Peterson


And a special MAHALO NUI LOA to our special

Talent Show guest judges


Seventh grade science students observe Mrs. Walton dissecting water lilies and identify the reproductive parts of plants.

The science department took 18 girls to UH Manoa's College of Engineeringto meet with some amazing women engineers. The girls were able to go into an anti-reflective room for testing radio waves and they were introduced to cutting edge medical robot technology.


Students in Ms. Ching's Period 3 class prepare to write argument essays by participating in a debate.

Students prepare to take a stand for or against the government's right to restrict media usage by anyone under the age of 18.

science fair group
science fair

District Science Fair

Science Fair Advancers

Sam Cadotte, Owen Barr, Ben Weiss, Kaiao Cobeen, Tyler Goo, Dana Uchibori, Caleb Jones, Caydon Lott, Braden Uehara & Noah Larson, and Phoebe Ikeda. 1st runner up: Jordyn Tanaka 2nd runner up: Brienna Watkins & Samantha Budke


Mrs. Hirota and her children make flubber during the Student Showcase Night.

Ms. Irvine helps kids create crafts

during the Student Showcase Night, Feb. 3.


AVID students show off their History Day displays.

Seventh grader Emily Walton is playing a vegetable/fruit piano during the Student Showcase Night.


Students learn the salsa during the Student Showcase Night.

A sea of science fair boards pack the library during the Student Showcase Night during the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 3. Students and families played games of probability and chance, learned to dance salsa, visited an instrument petting zoo, watched a hula performance, made ice cream sundaes, tinkered with robotics, toured the malama garden, discovered the mysteries of dry ice, peaked at Mars through a telescope, and viewed the AVID history day projects.


The Student Showcase featured lots of activites for families to participate in.

The seventh grade Navigator team teachers, Mrs. Hirota, Mrs. Tangaro, Ms. Kapapa, and Mrs. Christenson along with Mr. Rod, held a student showcase for parents Tuesday evening in the cafe. Students proudly showed off what they are learning.


'O Hokule'a 'oe

Ua hiki mai nei

I he awa kaulana

'O Kailua ē Kailua Intermediate students oli to introduce themselves as they participate in a Google Hangout in which they, along with with other classes from around the island, were able to talk story with captains currently voyaging around the world on the Hokuleʻa. The topic the 600-year-old canoe with a turtle carved on its hull that was found in a sand dune in New Zealand after a harsh storm.

Noah Sabatine (right) asks one of the Hokuleʻa captains, who is currently in New Zealand, a question about the canoe.

Students in Ms. Roydenʻs advanced art class are applying skills theyʻve learned about color scheme and perspective. The drawing picture is by Hannah Hogan.


AVID students are conducting binder checks every Thursday to promote use of this organizational tool. Can you pass the shake test?

Ms. Tangaro's Spanish IA students Chantae, Alazay, and Zoe edit paragraphs in which students practiced changing pronouns.


Kealani Lui-Kwan interviewed former U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka for her History Day project.

Students prepare their Science Fair boards in Mrs. Walton's

7th grade science class.


The Polynesian Voyaging Society members, Brad Wong, Kula Barbieto, and David Komine, visited 7th grade students in November. They presented information on the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage (of Hokulea and Hikianalia). Students learned about the importance of caring for our Earth and its natural resources, perpetuating native culture, and building and maintaining global connections and relationship.

history day

Kailua Intermediate's Beginning and Advanced bands presented a Winter Concert On Friday, December 12 at 6:00 p.m. to family and friends. The Beginning Band performed Crusaders, Streets of Laredo, A-Roving and Krazy Klock while The Advanced Band Royal Regiment, Lullabye, In the Bleak Midwinter, On Cliff's Edge, Malaguena, and Highlights from Frozen.

Aah! The History Day project is finished! Reyn Matsukawa, Tyler Goo, and Kaidin Lapke are looking forward to enjoying their winter break without any lingering deadlines.

career day

Nearly 60 community members participated in the KIS College and Career Fair on Dec. 19.

A Night At The Ballet - Serenity Crawford and other KIS students traded their uniforms for dressy clothes to see the performance of the Nutcracker Ballet at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

Mr. Rod

Polynesian Cultural Center Field Trip on December 18, 2014 - Seventh graders got a hands-on, interactive approach to learning via their visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Each group experienced a different Polynesian culture, a canoe ride, and IMAX video showcasing the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

New Teacher? It's Mr. Rod, from the Solution Center, who dressed for success and is speaking to every student through their social studies' classes and encouraging each to make connections between working hard in school and leading a fulfilling life.


Select Band

Maya Arakaki and Cody Tanaka were chosen by audition for the O'ahu Band Directors Association Middle School Select Band. They'll be performing with some of the best middle school band students from across the island in a concert on Sunday, February 15.


Be Pono-Be In School" Video Contest Awards

KIS VIDEO - 2nd Place, Group Category

Solo and Ensemble

Several students participated in the O'ahu Band Directors Association Solo and Ensemble Festival. All participants from KIS earned a score of superior or excellent. Congratulations to Cody Tanaka (flute solo; Maya Arakaki, Caleb Jones, Jordyn Tanaka, and Joel Himphayvanh (percusison quartet), and Liv Annika Solberg-Stevenson, Nohea Espejo, and Ariane Seltmann (flute trio)!

Boys and Girls Club
Dr. Delong

Sydney Kalakau and Keanu Wong with Ms. Craig and "Hawaii Five-0" actor Alex O’Loughlin at Walk in the Country, a fundraiser for Boys and Girls Club at Ko’olina on Saturday, August 16, 2014.

Kailua Intermediate principal Lisa DeLong recently met the requirements for an Ed.D., or Doctor of Education degree in Professional Educational Practice, from the University of Hawaii. She was part of a three-year cohort of school leaders from across the state that studied together. She completed course work and, for her dissertation topic, explored data teams as a strategy to improve teacher practice and impact student learning. A lifelong learner, she encourages students to not only attain a four-year college degree, but also consider earning advanced degrees. Her degree will be conferred in August.

Dr. Howard
Bike Safety

These Kailua Intermediate students are serving as good role models and practicing safe riding habits by wearing helmets.

There's a doctor in the house! Congratulations Dr. Marcia Dolavah Howard, or Dr. Cia for short. She recently defended her dissertation, "Challenges Related to Cultural Differences Experienced by Special Education Teachers from the Continental United States with Students in Hawai'i" and earned a PhD in Education, Exceptionalities Specialization.

be pono
pono campaign

The Leadership Students Advocate "Be Pono"

Definition of pono


Mr. Rod: "An Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? Bring it on!"

Mr. Rod gets drenched by Sol and Mr. Mana.

Mr. Rod challenged Dr. Hughes.


Dr. Hughes accepted Mr. Rod's challenge.

Dr. Hughes: "OK people, is that all you got?"

Eighth grader Leah Mills won 1st place in the national 13 Novice Class for BMX racing. Leah, the national champion is sponsored by Hyper BodyArmor.


Ms. Howard's Study Hall class is getting ready to plant their bin in the Malama Garden.

A proud Kailua Intermediate community of teachers, family members, and friends supported AVID's showcase in which students in this college readiness program shared study skill strategies and class projects.

marine club

The KIS Marine Biology Club cleaned up Kailua Beach Park on Saturday. October 13 for International Coastal Cleanup Day.

Elyse McCabe poses with comedian Frank DeLima after reading her essay "Courage" to help kick off a partnership between Headquarters Battalion of Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Kailua Intermediate. Frank DeLima was also part of this event-packed Exploratory Day, using humor to encourage students to focus in school, be kind to one another, and live healthy lives.


Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii and the Department of Education have partnered to build a new Windward Clubhouse on the grounds of Kailua Intermediate School. The Windward Clubhouse will include a media center, a social recreational facility and covered basketball courts. Currently over 400 students attend the program and an average of 100 students participating daily in youth development programs that emphasize character and leadership development; education, technology, and career development; health and life skills; the arts; and sports, fitness, and recreation. The cost is just $25.00 per year. The new facility is slated for completion in early December and also includes new PE locker rooms.

Kailua Intermediate students were treated to a Hawaii Opera Theatre performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta, The Pirates of Penzance that included some audience participation.


Students and faculty celebrated Halloween.

"Hurrah for the Pirate King," sang Kailua Intermediate students who enjoyed Hawaii Opera Theatre's presentation of Pirates of the Penzance.


Kailua Intermediate robotics students participated in a district First Lego League competition at Mililani High School on Saturday, November 8.

make a difference day

Mahalo to Kailua Intermediate's 2014 School Inspection Team. This group inspected campus facilities and made commendations and recommendations in the areas of grounds, buildings, sanitation, and safety. The team noted that the campus is nicely landscaped and very clean and did not see any litter. They also pointed out that one of the restrooms was smelly and parts of it could use a coat of paint. Overall, the school received 16 of 18 points, placing it in the top category. Pictured from left to right are Carmen Craig, Marilyn Manigoult, Jayda Santana, Kari Genter, Jeanine Isenhoff, Lisa DeLong, Carlene Price, Laurie Ahlgren, and Wess Unten.


Bathroom mural

Mahalo to Mr. Philip Gilsdorf, Advisor, and Kalaheo National Honor Society members for helping put the Malama Garden beds to sleep for the summer and for painting a mural in C Bathroom.