Special Education

At Kailua Intermediate our goal is to make sure that students who receive special education services are included in the general education classroom as often as possible. We implement a system designed to provide appropriate supports for all students within the general education setting. When this is not possible we have other options for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Here at Kailua Intermediate School our goal is to design our programming each year with student needs in mind, to do this we offer a continuum of services, that we modify each year dependent on individual student needs.

General Education Classroom With Support

Your child spends the entire day in a general education class. He or she receives supports and services like a tutor or aide, assistive technology, related services, accommodations, modifications or any combination of these.

  • · Co-Taught general education classes - Kailua Intermediate has one seventh and one eighth grade team with a full co-teaching model. In this environment students on IEPs are included with their grade level peers for their core content classes (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) with the support of a special education trained professional in the room. This means the teacher to student ratio is half that of a traditional classroom. The teachers share responsibility of the classroom and design their curriculum with all learners needs in mind. This environment also provides the opportunity for small-group centered instruction, when necessary.

  • · Other general education - Kailua Intermediate also includes students on IEPs in the other teams at our school. We have an Honor’s program and other general education programs that accommodate students on IEPs who do not need all day support of a special education teacher. These students still receive all of their IEP accommodations and modifications but they are provided by the general education teacher without the direct, in-class support of a special education professional.

Special Education Classroom

This is a program with specialized instruction for students with similar learning needs. When students require a higher level of intervention for any of their core content classes they can be placed in a special education setting. In this setting there is a low teacher to student ratio. The teacher is a highly qualified teacher in the content they teach, and in specially designed, common-core aligned instruction. The classes address grade-level standards but are conducted at a slower pace and in a different mode of instruction to accommodate learners with more need.

The above gives a general description of programming that can fit the needs of most students in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Programming can include a mixture of any of the above services, as well as other settings and programming that are designed with individual student needs in mind.

UPDATED: October, 2018