Honors Program

The Honors program offers an academically rigorous Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science curricula. It is for students who thrive in classes which challenge them. Students learn to collaborate with others, take on leadership roles, and participate in teacher and student directed projects in all content areas. Our students participate in comprehensive extension lessons and activities. Core classes are taught at an appropriate academic pace which challenges every student’s ability to think and learn beyond the proficient level of the National Standards.

Successful Honors students are expected to do homework and meet deadlines regularly and complete quality projects on time. They work closely with their teachers, but are expected to take the initiative to seek help when needed. These students desire the challenge of a rigorous program. They use time management to balance school, family time, and extracurricular activities. They have the ability to analyze academic content in a way which shows that they have a deeper understanding and the ability to make a variety of connections between academic content areas, texts, and the world.

Contact: Academic Coach- Rachel Compton, rachel.compton@k12.hi.us

UPDATED: August , 2021