Honors Program

Honors Coordinators:

Ms. Kutsunai kkutsunai@kis.k12.hi.us

Mrs. Ringuette lringuette@kis.k12.hi.us

Important information for parents to know when a 6th grade child is applying for the Honors Program:

Checklist for Parents

Dates: TBA - Information

Testing: TBA

Information and Registration form is now available.

Location: Kailua Intermediate cafeteria

Students should bring a pencil, water, snack and reading material.

Registration for the Honors Program:

If you would like to register for one of the above dates, please follow the link below and fill out the Google form. This form will ask which date your 6th grade child intends on coming in to test, and some logistical contact information so that we can get in touch with you later concerning placement into the program.

Link: Honors Program Registration Form - is now available.

What are the qualifications for students to be enrolled into the Kailua Intermediate Honors Program?

We look at the Smarter Balanced Assessment for language arts and mathematics. We are looking for a student to be at a above grade level as indicated by a Level 4 score.

For information: Smarter Balanced Assessment

We look at the 5th and 6th grade report card. We are looking for a majority of ME; or a GPA at or above 3.5.

      1. For more information: Hawaii Standards Based Report Cards Gr. 3-6

We look at the General Learner Outcomes that are evaluated on the students’ 5th and 6th grade report cards.

      1. For more information: Hawaii’s General Learner Outcomes
    1. We ask for a teacher recommendation. Here we are asking the teacher to give some insight into the student as a learner, participant, and leader in the classroom.

We ask the students to take a Cognitive Abilities Test, given here at the school usually in January after winter break. We evaluate the test score for high achievement.

Finally, we ask the students to write a short essay, this essay is evaluated for cohesiveness of ideas, structure of writing, and use of language. The score of this writing is based on the 6th grade Springboard Curriculum, which is common core aligned..

How do I enroll my child into the Kailua Intermediate Honors Program?

Testing - register for testing and then come, on time, the Saturday morning of the test.

Teacher Recommendations - after the test, students will receive a short letter informing the current 6th grade teacher that the test has been taken. The student should then give the letter to their teacher and the teacher will fill out the necessary paperwork.

Previous elementary school grades - 5th and 6th are sufficient (Provided by parent.)

Any previous standardized testing scores (Provided by parent.)

How do I register my child for testing?

On the Kailua Intermediate web page there will be a 7th grade Honors registration date (those students registering for a 7th grade Honors spot). It is linked to a Google form.

What if my 6th grade child does not go to a Kailua Intermediate public feeder school?

If you live on the island of Oahu, please register for the test and come the morning of the test. Your child will receive a packet of information for their current teachers to fill out.

If your child is not in the Kailua Intermediate feeder school area, they must apply for a Geographic Exception even if accepted into the honors program.

Submission for Geographic Exception is prior to March 1, please contact the school at 263-1500.

What if we do not live on the island of Oahu, but are planning to move there?

If you live anywhere else but the island of Oahu, please contact the school at: (808) 263-1500

What is the difference between Honors and general education classes?

Teacher will provide accelerated, in-depth work covering the current Common Core (Language Arts and Math) or HCPSIII (Science and Social Studies) 7th or 8th grade curriculum.

Algebra is taught in the 8th grade. Students will take the EOC Exam at the end of 8th grade. Students must pass the EOC with a score of 300 or higher to receive high school Algebra 1 credit.

Students are required to take part in multiple projects, some of these projects overlapping. Example, the STEM project in science and the History Day project in social studies overlap.

What is expected of my child as a part of the Honors team?

Schoolwide leadership

Enter into academic contests; examples: History Day, Science & Engineering Fair, Lego Robotics, Science Olympiad, Band Performances, etc…

Take part in community service; example: Make a Difference Day, Kailua Beach Clean-up

Students should have the ability to balance workload, extra curricular activities, and social life and still achieve high ranking grades.

Students are self-advocates; examples: student asks for make-up work when absent, if the student does not understand an assignment they go to see the teacher during recess or after school to clear understanding.

What is expected from me (the parent) of an Honors student?

Support your child by…

Supporting attendance policies. Students should not be absent other than for illness because making up a week's worth of work in the honors classes can be overwhelming.

Helping them stay focused on deadlines for daily school work and projects

Provide access to technology (computers with internet access and functioning printers); we use a lot of technology.

Provide transportation for contests or community service activities

Help students balance extracurricular (sports) and school work.

Help your child voice their own needs to the teachers, allow your child to be a self-advocate.

UPDATED: February, 2018