Honors Program

Thank you for your interest in the Kailua Intermediate School Honors Program! We are proud of our academically rigorous Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science curricula. It is for students who thrive in classes that challenge them. Students learn to collaborate with others, take on leadership roles, and participate in projects such as History Day, Science Fair, Math Counts, Geography Bee, etc. Students are expected to do homework and meet deadlines. They work closely with their teachers, but are also expected to take the initiative to seek help when needed.

Question or Concern? Please fill out this form and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

Honors Coordinator: Kathleen Nullet

Honors Application for Incoming 7th Grade Students http://bit.ly/20197honors

Application process for incoming 7th grade students:

  1. Complete the application found at http://bit.ly/20197honors
  2. Send copies of report cards with 5th grade year end grades and 6th grade first

semester grades in all subjects.

3. Send copies of 6th grade (and 5th if possible) SBA scores, Star Reading Scores,

and any other standard test scores available.

4. Please drop off or mail copied reports to:

KIS Honors Program Coordinator

Kailua Intermediate School

145 S. Kainalu Drive

Kailua, Hi 96734

If you need copies, contact your child's school office.

The KIS Honors Program no longer requires 6th grade students to take an entrance exam. Applicants are evaluated based on the above criteria. Upon completion of the above online application, a recommendation form will be sent to your 6th grade teacher by the KIS HP Coordinator. Parents do not need to do anything to assist the teacher in completing the form.

DEADLINE to submit all the required data is Friday, February 8, 2019. Complete and on time applicants can expect a response by April 1st. Applications from students missing any of the required data will still be accepted after that date; however they will be reviewed at a later date also delaying notification of acceptance or not into the KIS Honors Program.

Mrs. Kathleen Nullet

KIS Honors Program Coordinator



UPDATED: Dec. 11, 2018