KIS Electives

Welcome to the Elective classes at Kailua Intermediate School!

Elective classes at Kailua Intermediate are a place for you to pursue your passions, figure out what you're good at, and try new things!

Explore your options- the sky's the limit!

Art & Design

Learn art techniques and practice your skills!


Learn how to study, manage time, and take leadership! Visit AVID site

*Application required


Learn how to play an instrument and perform for concerts!


Turn a craft, skill, or hobby into a money-making product or service!

Computer Science

Learn the fundamentals of coding and make your own games!


Make fun craft projects with your peers!


Learn how to design and build cool things!

Farm to Fork

Learn to grow food and prepare delicious recipes using the ingredients you've harvested!

Intro to Agriculture

Learn about the ahupua'a that you live in and the connection to agriculture!


Learn how to properly use your 10 fingers for typing and increase your speed!

Media Production

Learn things like how to use Photoshop and iMovie, build a website, and draw in 3D!


Learn to read music, play the piano, and write songs!


Learn to speak Spanish through singing, cooking, and cultural activities!

Yearbook Production

Take photos, work on layout and captions, and meet deadlines! *Application required


Be a part of the team that delivers news and information to our school community! *Application required

Updated 2022