Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS)

Kailua Intermediate School (KIS) is dedicated to the needs of all students and provides an array of student support services. Every student is provided a challenging academic program and the support services needed to maximize student achievement and meet the Hawaii Content and Perforemance Standards and Common Core.

KIS believes that all well supported students can learn. We highly encourage school and parent partnerships in education. It is through these partnerships that children who need extra services can be identified and intervention strategies put into place.

With the implementation of a Comprehensive Student Support System, KIS provides integrates support services that allow:

  1. More students receiving services in the general education classroom

  2. Improvement in attainment of Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and academic achievement scores

  3. A reduction in the number of students failing courses or retained

  4. Fewer disciplinary actions

  5. Increased student and family participation and satisfaction

  6. Students feeling safe, happy and supported at school

  7. Student growing socially, emotionally and academically and gaining the skills necessary to be successful in high school, post secondary school and in the world at work

  8. Develops responsible citizenship

UPDATED: September, 2018