Kailua Intermediate School (KIS) has a team of counselors that bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our students. If you are experiencing any kind of problem, your counselor is your personal GO-TO person! In order to meet the needs of our students, our staff works closely with counselors to fully implement the COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (CSSS). The goal of CSSS is to respond to the broad range of student needs by providing students with a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, and custom designed supports that are timely, assessable and strength-based so your child can achieve in school. KIS has programs and services designed to develop competent, responsible, determined students. Counselors facilitate various groups that empower students with the social, study and coping skills that they need to be more successful in life. We want every student here to enjoy their time at KIS and be able to meet or exceed the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards. CSSS is one the of best things about the Hawaii Department of Education and Kailua Intermediate School! It is by following the process of CSSS that we will join with you in helping your child become a well educated, caring and productive citizen in our community.

Please do not hesitate to call any one of your counselors at 263-1500.

UPDATED: September, 2018